In the end it is Beauty that will save us. So we must keep something of Beauty in our hearts. We can refer to that Beauty when life becomes difficult or in thanks when it is joyous.

Horses are symbolic of freedom and strength, and Rainbows are symbols of Beauty.

Upon seeing a rainbow, no matter if it is just a part of one or a full-blown double rainbow, it stops us in our tracks and we have no choice but to admire it. The rainbow is illusive, disappearing as quickly as it appeared. So keep that in your heart.

When I see a horse I want to give it a hug for being so magnificent and beautiful.


Horse sense is something a horse has which keeps it from betting on people.

W.C. Fields

Photo collage by Diana Dunlap 2018

Thank you for sharing.


  1. I played an April Fools prank on my kids once that they still lovingly bring up occasionally. It was an actual harmless prank and it was lovely in its simplicity. When they woke up in the morning, I told them there was special rainbow juice in the fridge for them in their own cups. They grabbed them and went to take sips but it was rainbow jello. 😀 That”s a little-kid appropriate prank that does not undermine trust and ends with everybody genuinely feeling happy and loved. 10+

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