A Wing and a Prayer

On a wing and a prayer

‘Finally we could see the plane through the smoke, coming in on a wing and a prayer.’

I’ve always thought I got by in life on a wing and a prayer, a saying from WWII



I was born to parents that were at war, arriving after the war in 1946. Emotionally they were at war, even though it was over for the world there was the psychological fallout that remained.

Think English atheistic mother and devout Irish/Scottish protestant father. I came in after a 24hour labor that ended in surgically removing me from my Mother, not a happy beginning. Thus coming in on a wing and a prayer. Talk about setting the tone!

First important friend

Awaiting me was the best gift that my father ever gave me, my collie dog ‘Skippy”. She basically was my best friend and guardian as long as she lived, 17 years. She walked me to school everyday and picked me up at the end of the day. Yes, those were different times, kids walking to school with a dog instead of mom driving an SUV. She was a perfect companion, all unconditional love. She had my back.

Art my Savior

From the time I was 5, teachers and parents knew I had artistic talent. This allowed me to escape into the world of imagination and creativity, which has sustained me throughout my life.

First life changing experience

At the age 22 my boyfriend from Millbrook, NY and I hitchhiked through Mexico. No Visa, a few dollars and the first time to be out of the country. We decided to fast on water and lemon for 30 days hoping for some kind of enlightenment, and then we went to Oaxaca at a beach called Puerto Angel. While swimming in the ocean I lost awareness of swimming and instead was in the presence of chanting like I’ve not ever heard, coming from pulsing lights on a brilliant blue dome. There was the tunnel of golden light drawing me in. Then suddenly a voice said you can’t die now, too young and a lot of work to do. BAM! I’m flat face down on the sand surrounded by people who thought I was dead.

This isn’t an experience one can forget; it has a very strong imprint in the mind. Today these experiences are called NDE’s.

I have spent my life swimming, scuba diving, and kayaking in the ocean ever since.