“Although we are accustomed to separate nature and human perception into two realms,

they are in fact indivisible…landscape is the work of the mind.
Its scenery is built as much from strata of memory as from layers of rock.”
–Simon Schama, Landscape and Memory

As an artist, what interests me is Landscape, both inner and outer

From a spiritual and mythical perception the Nature of Landscape reflects the Nature of the mind of the viewer.

As I write this statement there is a great melting happening in the landscape of the planet.
We are in deep. What does this mean for us as humans?

Will this melt our hearts as in a good way? We are in a transformation from one form to another,
and as we experience this on many levels I do believe that Art Changes Culture and Culture Changes Art. 

By photographing and painting landscapes I reflect back to myself and other viewers the beauty of the landscape.
In this experience we see the sacred not only of the physical place but also of that inner place that is touched by that view.

It is a way of remembering and paying tribute to our origins.

–Diana Dunlap