Climate Crisis

Climate Crisis

As this state of the Earth’s climate crisis come towards us, we are experiencing it on a very deep psychological level. This painting illustrates the stark contrast of the power of fire and water. We as humans are complicit in our pollution of the oceans and in turn desertification of the land causing devastating fires. The losses of wildlife on land and sea are too many to count, and the pain of that is with us every day.

I am an optimist at heart! I know our collective will is making progress as we invent ways to correct the course we are on and there will be a bright new beginning. That of course won’t happen overnight with the wave of a wand.

Collectively we as humans can and will face this with our intelligence, creativity and will to live in Beauty for seven generations forward!


When you walk to the edge of all the light

You have and take that first step into the

Darkness of the unknown, you must believe

That one of two things will happen; There

Will be something for you to stand

Upon, or, you will be taught to fly.

–Patrick Overton

Painting by Diana Dunlap 2019