Fire and Ice

May you live in Interesting Times
–Old Chinese Curse

On the cover of Orion magazine in 2012 was featured an amazing photograph by Tom Wolfe, this was the inspiration for this painting/photograph.

There are few words left to say about Climate Change, it’s in our faces every day.

Whether you are a believer or a denier doesn’t really matter, those are views of the human mind. What does matter is the physical reality of our planet and our bodies, which are embedded in the planet.

Let this image speak to you without further explanation.

Each and every one of us is both cause and solution, and each of us can make simple changes in our lives to turn this around. Something as obvious as what we eat, how we grow it and how we use the waste, has a great impact and can be done by all, no matter where we live, our culture or age.

In Paul Hawken’s new book, Drawdown, he addresses 100 things that can be done to reverse global warming.

And never forget the words of Bobby McFerrin (outlook is very important)

Don’t Worry Be Happy”