Pick Me!



Anyone who has gone to a pet store, or animal rescue facility knows how it feels when you’ve been picked by the animal: There’s a spark of recognition and love, an interspecies connection that has been with us since humans populated the planet. When the first humans arrived the animals were here, as fearsome or friendly, either way, they were our first teachers about how to live on this earth.


In modern times we go to zoos, go on safaris, go whale watching and visit national parks around the globe to encounter animals that we haven’t seen before. We are usually amazed at their beauty!


And very importantly some of us choose to have pets or raise herd animals, choosing to care for and befriend them.


This image demonstrates the flirtatious way an animal knows to capture the heart of someone looking to make that connection; and hopefully take him/her home.


I have lived with several Zen masters-all of them cats.

Eckhart Tolle