Planet on Fire

Inspiration for this painting has been the process of assimilating the information on the changing climate. 
Central to this is the long view from outer Space offering a simultaneous view
of the planet Earth and glacial 

All living things are in some way fertilized ripened or destroyed by some form of Fire. Whether a flame from

A candle, lightning or a forest burning, fire is integral to our lives.

So, what we are now experiencing is the climate has heated to a critical level that is melting the polar regions

And in turn threatening the life of everything on the planet as we know it.

The danger is thinking of this as an abstract issue rather than
a material problem that can inspire us to change.

I have spent many hours and days looking at this painting, and it speaks volumes to me about the core of this

Challenge that we have been given as humans.
I believe that Science, imagination and creativity can come forward

If we want to engage at this critical time.

original painting by Diana Dunlap 2019