Remembering Africa

When I remember Africa I think first of Elephants, then the vast landscapes , the wild animals we don’t have in North America and the friendly people. I am posting a small painting I just finished called “The Boabab and the Elephant.” The Boabab Tree and the elephants have a symbiotic relationship. The tree provides moisture and water during drought time. The elephant pulls the bark off with it’s tusks and then has access to the water.

Poachers also carve out hiding holes in the trees. We hear daily of the news that every 15 minutes an Elephant is killed for it’s tusks, which. to me, is brutally sad. The Africans value their elephants, at least the ones that are protecting the parks. When you see a herd of elephants you have a new understanding and awe of these animals that have been on earth for 55 million years (55,000,000). Humans have been here 200,000 years. I thinks this speaks volumes as to who may hold some very valuable wisdom that is worth preserving for generations to come.

Elephants are a matriarchal society, they are herbivores, and they know and remember who cares for them and who is a danger. Finding food and water is remembered by the oldest matriarch, who leads the herd.

For the love of Elephants.