The Cleansing

The Cleansing

This painting was one during the week leading up to Easter/Passover. However, the inspiration came from the order that we globally live under, to wash our hands, many times each day. A Pandemic has embraced the globe.

The significance of this, to me, is that if we would really like to have our prayers heard, now that we are under shelter-in-place, a cleansing is needed.

There is a veil of tears and water flowing over moving hands. Light pierces through the darkness and change begins.

We are still in this phase as I write this, it will end when the cleansing is completed. And remember, it’s not just our hands that need to be cleansed, which is a prerequisite to prayer, but our hearts, thoughts and words.



When it’s over, it’s over, and we don’t know

Any of us, what happens then.

So, I try not to miss anything.

I think, in my whole life, I have never missed

The full moon

Or the slipper of its coming back.

Or, a kiss.

Well, yes, especially a kiss.

–Mary Oliver