The Sacrifice

The Sacrifice

At the time I was painting this the fires were raging in Australia. Not only was habitat burning but endangered species as well. The koala bears caught to attention of wildlife lovers around the globe.

A video of a woman getting out of her car, taking off her shirt and then wrapping a burning Koala in it, dousing with water, and then driving the koala to the animal hospital, went viral.

An estimated billion animals were lost to this fire, not to mention reptiles, insects and those too numerous to name.

At the same time record high temperatures of 70 degrees were being reported in Antarctica, in February 2020!

So, Climate change is upon us and the sacrifice is visibly apparent.


Challenges come so we can grow and be

 prepared for things we are not equipped to

 handle now. When we face our challenges

With faith, prepared to learn, willing to

Make changes, and if necessary, to let go,

We are demanding our power be turned on.

–Iyanla Vanzant

original painting by Diana Dunlap 2020