Younger than the Sun

Hardly a day goes by that I don’t reflect on Africa.

This image of cheetahs reminds me of who they are and what we can learn from them. They are very ALERT, FOCUSED and when they see what they want they react QUICK AS LIGHTNING! They have keen site and strong brotherhoods. They are the fastest animal alive, running speed is 68-75 mph! They are not endangered but considered vulnerable due to loss of habitat in Africa, India, and Asia.

They hunt during the day and during the time that we observed them, they were looking into the distance, sleeping, or in the grass, in general acting like cats. There eyes are a brilliant red orange and our guide said they have between 2000-3000 spots. Beautiful animals.

The wisdom we can take away from these animals is related to accomplishing our goals. Staying focused and acting, as opposed to taking on to much and then procrastinating.

May the self esteem and swiftness of the Cheetah be with you in this new year of 2017!